Monday, December 27, 2010

I am still here...

And still reading!  I got a few new books to read, plus got the Barnes and Nobel's nook for Christmas!  So now no matter where I am, I will always have a book with me! Yay!!  I will say that I did some research between the nook(yes it is actually supposed to be lowercased!) and Kindle, and I decided on the nook.  There are reasons behind it, and while I know that both will eventually have the some of the same features, the nook was what I had chose for me.  I feel that it really is a personal choice, but here are my thoughts when I made my decision:

Format:  The nook's format allows for you to download books from other sites since it uses ePub.  I do know Books-a-million has been advertising the nook as well.  With the format you can download books from the library.  Since it is not an exclusive format like the Kindle it gives you more chances for free books(although I do know that people are able to get plenty of free books with Kindle)

Lending:  I liked the option to lend books to others that may have the app(for the computer or smart phones such as the iphone or android phones).  It is only for 14 days and one time only.  While this did contribute some I did read that the Kindle is working on adding that capability.

Brick and Mortar:   Ok so I know this sounds strange, but the fact that I can actually go to a Barnes and Nobel store is counterintuitive but I really like the idea that I can.  There are features and specials about going into the store with your nook which helps too!

Finally Rebelling:  See everyone at work with an ereader when I was doing my research all have Kindles...well part of me wanted something else.  I have always been that way and honestly Barnes and Nobel is my store that I like to go to compared to the other bookstores around.

So far I totally enjoy my nook, but as time goes on I will let you know what I think...but so far I really love it!

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