Sunday, December 19, 2010

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

First off I had won this off of in one of their giveaways, so it  is an advance readers' edition, as the book does not officially come out until March 29th, 2011.   I really enjoyed reading this book!  I know there were a few nights that I stayed up later than normal to read it!  Now I will say this book is told from different perspectives so for some that might be a downer...however with this book it adds to the emotional issues by seeing what the other characters were thinking.  Each person deals with the loss, their idenity, and forgiveness in different ways which  gives the book more depth.  I felt very connected to the story and will say at the end it had me in tears at different points.  Yes I was that involved in this book!  However after being away from the book for a few days, the ending is a bit too perfect...but it still doesn't change my thoughts on the book at all!  I feel that Kristin Hannah did a wonderful job in writing the book and making the characters come alive so that I could laugh, cry, and want with the characters!

I do recommend getting a copy once the book is published in March!  It was such a great read!

 So my rating on this book is:

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  1. This one is on my list. I so wanted to win that one, but maybe next time... Glad you loved it!



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