Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A quickie review and some info for avid readers!

I will say that I finished the 4th book in the Nicholas Flamel series titled "The Necromancer" and I had some time off work so I finished it pretty quickly(about 24 hours)...I won't bore you with another similar post with the previous books so I will just say that the series is very good and should be read!

Now with that out of the way I do want to give some suggestions out for avid readers about getting free books!  There are two sites that I am aware of that anyone can possibly get Advance Reading Copies(ARC's), the first one is Barnes and Noble First Look Book Club(start out at from there look for the book clubs or my B&N).  I did this a few times and depending on how fast you are at requesting to be apart of the book, and then like any other online book club there are threads relating to the book.  I did this with a few books, but then got too busy to try and keep up with the threads.  However if you get in, the book was completely free!

The second site is This site is free, and has many benefits and groups.  As one of my favorite authors described it "it is like Facebook, but for book lovers".  Now they have giveaways that you register for, and at random they choose a winner.  They do ask that you write a review although it isn't mandatory!  However I have a feeling that it helps with the other giveaways you enter.

Either one is a good option and you can get some great books from them!  Now I know this seems out of the blue, but I just got a book I had won from Goodreads.  I have started to read it, and while I haven't gotten far it is starting out good!  So be on the look out for a review about it later!

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  1. My favorite thing ever is getting free books in the mail. I didn't know about the BN thing, so I'll have to check that out!



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