Friday, January 21, 2011

Inside Out by Maria V. Synder

I must say that I wasn't ready to read this book right away.  I have read other books by Maria V. Snyder and absolutely love them, so I was afraid to take a chance on it.   Basically I didn't want to compare this book to the other ones...however I was not disappointed when I read it!  It was just as good as the others!

I love that Maria V. Snyder uses strong female characters that don't just wait for people to show up and take care of them..they think and act for themselves.  However they do have faults, learn, and change.  Trella is no different! I found her to be extremely likable and not put off by her loner instincts.  She was a character that was easy to identify with, which only helps the book along!

I also love how Maria V. Snyder doesn't put romance at the top of things or even forces it.  It just seems natural.  The characters meet, the continue to meet and eventually realize that they have feelings for each other.  To me this is how life happens, you don't just meet someone and instantly they are your world!  This is a YA book, so there isn't anything more serious than a few passionate kisses.  The romance doesn't take away from the book, it is like an added and unexpected bonus!

When the book was done I went to look for the next one!  I have to wait as the book hasn't come out yet  :-(  but that is ok, I have her other books to tie me over for a little while!

My rating for Inside Out:    


  1. I've got this one on my TBR list. I need to get ahold of a copy!

  2. I've heard really good things about this book. I can't wait to read it.

  3. ugh!! FINALLY changed my password to one that I can easily remember!! LOL!! I sooo wanted to read this book THIS weekend but... our outdated library doesn't have it!! Can you believe that?!! Hello! The book's been out for nearly a year!! grrr!! Love your review, Heather, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that I can get back on here!! hahaha!! ::hugs::



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