Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them JK Rowling

I have to say this was part of a Christmas gift from my DBF.  I am a Harry Potter fan too, so of course I had to read it!  I was very happy to have read it.  I thought it was quite amusing, and not because of the text book, but because of the comments from Ron, Hermione and Harry that are written at different points.  I must have needed the comedy relief, because to me it definitely made the book more enjoyable!  It was a short and quick read, which is nice since most of my reading is done at work.  I was able to read this at home in a few hours.  It was a fun read!  and I feel that it is a must read for all Harry Potter fans!  So my rating is:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Totally Excited about this piece of news!

I just had to share since this is one of my FAVORITE authors!  Maria V. Snyder has a title for her 9th novel!  I absolutely love all her works so I am absolutely going to get this book, not the Nook version.  It is called "Touch of Power" and her blog can be found here which also has a synopsis about it.  Since it also deals with the plague I am very interested to see how she works her magic with it!

The book is due out January 2012, just can't wait!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

To the Tower Born Robin Maxwell

I had read this as part of a group read, and honestly wasn't sure about the whole plot line.  However when I started reading it, I was hooked.  One I do like historical fiction, especially around this time period in England.  Two the story is quite fascinating in the fact that really no one really knows what happened to the two princes.  It does have the narration from either Nell or Bessie, however Maxwell distinguishes which one is "speaking" .  Both girls are very similar so I am glad for the heads up on who had the chapter.  I also like how the stronger women presence was there, even if was more of the ambitious and scheming aspect.  It is nice to think that women of that era did have a little input on what was happening, although it does show some in bad light.  

The ending wasn't as realistic as I would have imagine, but that is part of the fictional aspect of it.  Although I do find it very satisfactory, even if it is a too much of a stretch for me.  

Over all I am giving this book:


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