Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Christmas Thief Mary Higgins Clark, Carol Higgins Clark

Ok this was another Christmas gift from one of my best friends, Em!  Now I will say I was very nervous about reading this book, it seemed to be a mystery/suspense type...and honestly I don't do well with those types of books normally.  However this was a great experience reading!  It had the multi-character perspective that I am drawn to, so I always knew what was going on.  This was perfect for me, even though the mystery wasn't as strong as others I was very engaged in the book.  I was wondering what would happen next. 

The one thing I didn't realize when I started to read this, was that this is a book in a series!  I am now going to have to pick up the others soon so that I can get to know the characters better.  However I did not feel lost as the Clarks had explained the characters and what allowed them to be where they are.  I know with some books you are lost with the characters if you pick up in the middle of a series and this was so not the case!

While I didn't quite picture myself in the story as much as I have in other books, it was a great read and I do recommend people to read it!  So my rating is:


  1. Yay, I'm glad you liked it!!

  2. Carol Higgins Clark was the keynote speaker at the Unicorn Writer's Conference 2 weeks ago and she was great. I have never read one of her books (but have read quite a few of her mother's books). After reading your review- I will have to check out her books!
    ~Jess (My posts continue to show up as my main character, Fairday, who I use for my book blog. I am not sure how I can sign up to follow you as me, but when I post I am her. Crazy!)



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