Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fallen by Lauren Kate

First off I love the cover, there is something about it that is drawing me in.  I had seen it several times and kept debating about getting it.  Especially since I knew it was about fallen angels, which some how intrigued me. 

So anyway it begins from a guys perspective, but then it switches over to Luce's perspective.  So I was a bit confused, especially since names weren't mentioned.  Luce's experiences at the beginning are similar to what was at the beginning so I was trying to fit that into her life, while also trying to fit in the fallen angel aspect.  Yeah don't do that when you read it, just read it!  I found I enjoyed it better when I gave up and let the author take me to final destination instead of me trying to figure it out.

As I have mentioned before I like the first perspective and being let in on the character(s) line of thinking.  It always just adds that little something to keep me engaged.  For this book it is no different, it did remind of me of what it was like being a teenager.  Luce is only 17 and definitely has the insecure school girl who is in love line of thinking.  She isn't as independent as I like my female characters but she shows some promise here and there.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters too.  The personalities seemed natural to them, and knowing them through Luce's eyes also adds to their charm.

I will say that while for the most part I did enjoy reading this book, I did have an issue with Luce's obsession of Daniel.  It seemed a bit much even for a teenage girl.  I know there were jokes about being a stalker, and while it didn't quite get that far, it was a little off putting.  The reasoning behind her obsession is explained, although I am not sure that it is an excuse for her to be that way.

Overall I did enjoy it, I thought the aspect with fallen angels was quite entertaining.  So I give this:


  1. I still haven't decided if I'm going to start this series before the rest of the books are out or not. We'll see.

    LOVE the cover. Seriously, that's what drew me in first. (I admit it! I judge a book by its cover!)

    Great review!

  2. Hey Thanks for the links to your reviews! I also felt her obsession with Daniel after just one day of school was a bit strong! And even when it was explained I still had to talk myself into believing it, if you get me?!

    I haven't read your review for Torment yet because I like to know nothing about books before I read them. I havent even read the back of the book.

    But I'll be back in a couple of days to see what you thought of it. New follower!



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