Monday, April 25, 2011

Torment Lauren Kate

After reading Fallen, I had to read this one.  I wasn't disappointed, however I was a little bit impressed.  Luce had gone from totally trusting Daniel to having doubts and actually started thinking on her own.  I knew she was capable of it, and as the book continued she started to develop more than she was in the first book.  I still feel that she is dependent on Daniel, although it does start to change a bit here. 

The story line continues, doesn't repeat the same type of scenario's that occurred in the first book.  While there are new characters, the old ones do make appearances.  I am glad they didn't just get dumped, especially since Luce wasn't able to totally interact with them.

Overall the book was good, and probably better than the first IMHO so I give this book:


  1. Oh cool! I love it when a series gets better as it goes!

  2. Beautiful Blog! I really liked this series and I'm a bit hooked for Passion. I did favor Torment over Fallen though.

    Thank you for your hello at BB :)

    The Wytch's Mirror

  3. Thanks Cynthia! I did enjoy them and have Passion pre-ordered for my Nook, so I am just waiting for how it goes.

  4. Thanks for the review on this book. It's been sat on my bookshelf for a while. I will admit that I have read the first chapter but then I just couldn't really be bothered to read the rest of it... If it gets better then I might give it ago! Though I can't really remember what happened in Fallen so I might have to Wiki it as I can't be bothered to read it again lol.

    Great blog by the way! Am now Following!!

  5. I enjoyed your review, Heather. It told of the book but didn't give away any secrets.

  6. Thanks Amber! I do think that as the story goes along it gets better, and it definitely sets up Passion pretty well.

  7. Thanks Mike! I definitely try not to ruin any secrets as I want people to find out things for themselves. I also want to create the feeling of "I need/ought/have to read that". Thanks for letting me know I am on the right path!

  8. Hey thanks for checking out my review! At the start I prefered Fallen but by the end of the book I prefered Torment. It's hard to choose really. I loved the Thanksgiving get together in Torment! I cannot wait for Passion!

  9. Ya, it was great to have everyone together in one the room. And I especially loved the jealousy between Miles and Daniel ;)



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