Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interview and a Giveaway with Christine Nolfi

First off thanks Christine for taking the time out to answer a few questions!

What was the inspiration behind Treasure Me?

Unlike every other novel I’ve written, Treasure Me was a bolt-out-of-the-blue experience. I awoke one morning with the image of a beautiful young thief dangling from a windowsill, trying to evade the man whose pocket she’d picked. That first scene arrived in a mad dash of typing—my critique partners couldn’t stop laughing when I read the first draft. As the novel progressed I enjoyed the challenge of making Birdie sympathetic to readers. Why any of us should care about a common thief becomes clearer once the reader understands Birdie’s past, and her infamous mother, Wish Kaminsky.
What's next for you?

Second Chance Grill will appear on Amazon in June. It’s a “prequel” of sorts to Treasure Me that depicts the love story of Dr. Mary Chance, the town’s doctor, and Anthony Perini, a single dad with a very precious daughter. Of course the feisty women of Liberty—including Theodora—will be featured. You’ll learn a little more about the “bad blood” between Theodora and Ethel Lynn. Their battle was “fur and feathers” in Treasure Me. In Second Chance Grill, they’re even wilder.

Where can readers find out more about you and your upcoming books?

I’d be delighted if they’d follow me on twitter @christinenolfi and visit my blog: http://christinenolfibooks.blogspot.com/

What is your favorite...

I love all colors--especially vibrant jewel tones!

I listen to everything from the early Beatles to Beyonce.

The Bible. I try to read a passage from the Old or New Testament every night.

Believe in yourself.

Any final thoughts?
Treasure Me is available on Amazon at:


Thanks so much again Christine, Treasure Me is an awesome book!

Christine is nice enough to do a giveaway for an ebook of Treasure Me!  So here is what you need to do:
Follow this blog and comment on this post or the book review from earlier this week, also add in a valid email address.  This is open to old and new followers.

Now for extra points(cause I just love extra points!):
1)Follow me on Twitter(@lavndrlady) 1 pt
2)Tweet about the giveaway 1 pt
3)Share the giveaway on Facebook 1pt
4)Share the interview/giveaway on your blog 1 pt
5)Add up all entries 1 pt

So with the intial post you can get up to 6 entries!

The giveaway will be open until June 14th!  Good Luck! and if you don't win go to Amazon and get it!!


  1. Many thanks for hosting Treasure Me on your site, Heather!

  2. You are very welcome Christine!!



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