Saturday, May 21, 2011

LS the Beginning Kelvin O'Ralph

From the Book:

I understood the term change as a constant factor, but not a specific one. However, I'd encountered a peculiar change that no one could imagine. The best part of it all, I wasn't alone while undergoing this ordeal. She was with me.
For unknown reasons, she ceased to exist inside of me. It was impossible; my senses never lied. Where in the world could she be? I stood in my room wandering. My lonely heart throbbed and my skin grew pallid as I paced back and forth.
Soon I ran out of options, and was left to rely on my cold heart to lead the way - and it did. There she was, lying in the middle of the schoolscourt. As I inched closer, I noticed her skin looked pale and cold, whichmeant only one thing—death.
All I could think of was to avenge her death, but before I reached to examine her iced body, her killer walked in.

I had contacted the Kelvin O'Ralph to review the book and I wasn't disappointed.  I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters.  I must say that I haven't read a book from the male perspective only recently so it was a nice change from my current readings.  

The male lead is Stephen, and he seems to be able to wrap his mind around things a bit more easily than his female counter part Lisa.  Lisa is hot tempered and doesn't appreciate her gifts at first.  Stephen takes to them right away.  The change that both Stephen and Lisa experience is quite unusual.  While I wish that O'Ralph went a bit more in depth with the powers and how Stephen was able to understand them more easily, however it doesn't detract from the story.  

I did enjoy the romance aspect of the book as well.  I was able to get more of the later portion of the book as it was very identifiable for me.  The ending is definitely a set up for the next one, and has me wondering what is going to happen next.  

I have so many unanswered questions that I am just hoping will be answered in the upcoming book(s).  Unfortunately laying them out here would be major spoilers, so when the book comes out, pick it up and read it!

So overall I give this book my Pretty Good rating:


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