Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Outside In by Maria V. Snyder

I really enjoyed this book!  I love how at the beginning Snyder does a brief recap of Inside Out.  During the recap she does use the ISBN number for Inside Out which I totally loved, it was just plain genius!  

At the beginning I found Trella to be a bit more  childish.  After all that she did in Inside Out I would expect her to act a bit more adult like...however Snyder does remind us that she is only 17, and I had to keep that in mind.  After all I also did some pretty childish stuff at 17 too.  Trella does grow in this book too, she realizes her faults and things she did wrong and tries to correct them.

I know this book is marketed  more towards the young adult category, but the relationship between Trella and Riley develops more. Just enough that I consider it a bit too mature for some of the  young adults that read, although it wasn't extremely graphic.  With that being said I am one that firmly believes that parents/guardians have a much better clue of what is appropriate for the individual child and their maturity level.

While the story line continues with life in Inside, it doesn't repeat itself.  The problems are different, so it is just a continuation of what happens after the rebellion and the problems that occurred.  It also expands and continues with the story line of Dr. Lamont and Trella, which adds to the book and the problems later on.  

I am a big fan of Snyder's and honestly can say this book is just as well written and entertaining as her other books.  So I give this book:


  1. I really enjoyed this one. I'm still extra glad that you recommended her to me! She's become one of my very most favorite authors ever!

  2. Great review! I just read this recently too and I thought that it was really good. I love Riley :)



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