Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time to celebrate...

I have reached over 50 followers, it is a small success, but considering I have really been trying to be more active and getting followers I am very happy.  Just to show everyone that I appreciate your follows, I am going to do my very first give-a-way.  I am going to give the lucky winner their choice of either an Amazon or Barnes and Nobels gift e-card of $10.  How to enter, first off you must be a follower(old or new), then you comment on this post with a valid email address(I won't send you spam or forwards, or anything else I promise) and how you found this blog.  But you can get extra entries as well!  1 entry for tweeting, 1 entry for posting this on facebook, and 1 entry for blogging about this blog.  So you can get a total of 4 entries.  This will run until May 21st, and I will announce the winner May 22nd.  As you pass the word around and I end up with 100 followers before May 21st I will have 2 winners.

Have a great day!


  1. I love that your blog is growing! WOO! I'm a longtime follower, and you have my email address. If you need an alternate, it's rosie.chic1@gmail.com.

    Also Tweeted it and posted a FB link!

  2. Congrats on 50. Here's to 50 more. I found your blog through Emily.

    jmarcum1127 at gmail dot com

    Chris Loves Julia

  3. Congrats on the 50! I am a follower and found you through Bookblogs. My email is dkmtheriot@yahoo.com
    I am having my first give away on my blog and would you to visit if you have a moment. Thanks.

  4. I'm a follower and found you through book blogs.


    if you get a chance please stop by my blog at http://curledupwithbooks.blogspot.com

  5. WOW How cool to have 50 followers. And I love how you are trying to get more! SMART!!!
    Well we met on Sparks then followed each other here! I will also tweet this. I have no face book. :(
    Does Blogging on Spark count?


  6. Em~ Definitely a big THANKS goes out to you for all your help in helping me to get it to grow!

    Chris <3 Julia~ HI!! Nice to meet you, and thanks for following!

    Hi Donna and Jessica, I am following both of you!

    Tiff~Blogging on Sparks definitely counts!

  7. Found this on our "Just a few of us" chat on Goodreads! You can reach me at reb_stanton@yahoo.com anytime! Good luck on getting your followers!

  8. Hi! Found you on Book Blogs forum. I was already a follower:)

  9. New follower. Love all kinds of books. Ctkedrowski@clearwire.net



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