Saturday, May 28, 2011

Treasure Me Christine Nolfi

I was approached by Christine Nolfi to read and review this book.  Reading the synopsis I was very captivated.  When I read the book I wasn't disappointed in the least, it was absolutely a great read!  I honestly can't think of anything that I found lacking in this book. 

I found Birdie easy to identify with, she was a thief but also had the desire to quit it.  She just didn't know where to start even though she knew what she needed to do.  Seriously that is me with several things in my life!  She also was fairly hard emotionally due to her occupation as a thief and her relationship with her mother.  She just needed the right connections to help her understand what was more important than money.  I love that the treasure hunt that she was on became so much more than gems, and the real treasures she found came at the right moments!

Theodora Hendricks is quite a character!  She has a good natured side to her, but seriously don't cross her...after all she packs a pistol with her!  Her interactions with Birdie is very interesting, sometimes motherly but other times a bit harsh.  She has a good heart and totally is one of a kind I think.

There are more things I could add, but I don't want to give anything else is a great read!!  I give it my Loved It rating!


  1. Heather, many thanks for graciously using your precious time to read and review Treasure Me. You're wonderful!

  2. Hey Heather I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, check out the post!



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