Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Septavalent Stone by J.O. Jones

J.O. Jones had contacted me to review this book.  It was quite different from some of the other books I have read, and wasn't a disappointment.  The story is unusual, and very interesting.  I love that it isn't your typical paranormal with vampires, werewolves, or fae.  You do have Elders and witches and the dead come to life.  While there was some paranormal stuff going on, it was a nice twist not to have the same type of characters involved.

The family issue was very awkward, after all there wasn't much said about Mrs. Ugabi being a renowned witch.  And you were sort of in the middle of the story, however going through Andrew's point of view you were discovering information out as he was.  You also got info from other characters when they told the story, but most of it seemed to explain their issues, and didn't always clear things up.  However I do like how Andrew and Aloysia's relationship as it grew.  I never felt that Aloysia hated Andrew but there was some animosity going on, due to her past and it seemed more aimed at her father than anything else.

Overall I found it an enjoyable read and am giving it my Excellent Rating:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale Christine Bell

I got this from  It was a quick read, but enjoyable.  It does have an adult scene, although it wasn't the main focus.   Overall I enjoyed it.

Stormy is a strong female lead.  Since the story is told from her perspective, we see her self confidence is quite high(probably why she was chained to the Duke's bed).  However she is very compassionate, and caring.  She is also very identifiable towards the end of the book.

The story line is very intriguing and that is what had originally caught my attention.  I wish the story wasn't  so short since there could have been more explained or told.  I love the idea of time traveling in this story though.

So overall I give this my Pretty Good rating:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Gift(Witch and Wizard #2) James Patterson

So after reading book 1 I had to read book 2, especially since I enjoyed the first one!  The Gift continues the story line, some of the problems are the same.  After all you are still dealing with the same issues as the first book,  and no major changes in society happened.  There are still surprises along the way too, so it isn't just a boring is building up to the prophecy!  

In this story that is a bit different is that we have insight to Bryon's family life and with "The One".  These chapters are inserted a different points.  However with some of the revelations that happen during this book, it seems to just add and continuing to build.  I will say though that I do start to feel sorry for Bryon.

I do know there are 2 more books and I will have to pick those up soon.  So I am keeping this review short and sweet(again not to give anything away!), and giving this my Excellent rating!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Witch and Wizard James Patterson

I have never read anything by James Patterson, because I haven't always been into very suspenseful books.  However this had caught my attention, since I have been enjoying some of the more adult like paranormal type stories.  So I gave it a go, and got it for my Nook.

 The plot is a more modern/futuristic witch hunt.  It also has the feeling of how the Nazi's did to the Jews, which totally adds to the effect of the book.   After all being ripped away in the middle of the night and put in different types of jails just seems way to familiar and realistic!  The only sad part is that this is happening to children.  Yes adults are under scrutiny, but it is the children that are being arrested.  Very intriguing and very realistic, all creates a great story line.

Even though the government is chasing adults we are shown more from the perspective of Whit and Whisty, both of whom are teenagers!  Both Whit and Whisty's view point is similar...although Whisty has a bit more of a punkish attitude while Whit is more of the athlete/popular guy. Gives a bit more depth to the story from both their view, and there was no confusing which one as each chapter was labelled with who was narrating.  They also didn't jump from one area to another with their narration, one just picked up where the other left off.

This was a great read and while I could probably say more I fear of giving things away!  So I give this book my Excellent rating!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two Moon Princess Peggy Tierney

I must say that this was yet another good read!  The book starts out with Andrea wanting to be a knight.  Now thinking of a medieval kingdom I couldn't even imagine a woman getting as far as she did.  However very quickly she was sent to her mother to become a true lady.  She has a few issues of course, going from one to another isn't going to be easy.   And she definitely had a few issues .  I also enjoyed seeing how Andrea realized that sometimes things happen and it doesn't always take much for it to spin out of control. 

The time-travel/world travel was quite an interesting twist to the story.  I am glad that Tierney allowed for her character to spend time in the modern world.  It did seem to slow some of the story down, but it also added to it.  It allowed Andrea time to experience a different world and time, which also helped to shape the outcomes of the story.  Also it added a bit more to the issues with her parents as she learns more about them and their history.

There is a bit of romance in the book as well.  It didn't start out blaring but it did become noticeable to me at a point.  It added to the book, and was a subtle touch.  I found myself rooting for him at the end of the book. After all I am a sucker for a good romance from time to time...and this was one of those times.

Overall this book was greatly entertaining and well worth the time that I read it!  I give it my Excellent Rating!


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