Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Gift(Witch and Wizard #2) James Patterson

So after reading book 1 I had to read book 2, especially since I enjoyed the first one!  The Gift continues the story line, some of the problems are the same.  After all you are still dealing with the same issues as the first book,  and no major changes in society happened.  There are still surprises along the way too, so it isn't just a boring is building up to the prophecy!  

In this story that is a bit different is that we have insight to Bryon's family life and with "The One".  These chapters are inserted a different points.  However with some of the revelations that happen during this book, it seems to just add and continuing to build.  I will say though that I do start to feel sorry for Bryon.

I do know there are 2 more books and I will have to pick those up soon.  So I am keeping this review short and sweet(again not to give anything away!), and giving this my Excellent rating!


  1. Heather, You did a nice job of summarizing the book without revealing too much.
    Also, I love the book cover. Does that ever capture your attention and imagination.
    PS Stop over at my blog, I'm having a giveaway of "Skull Dance," the book the moderator of the James Mason Book Club on Goodreads has been talking about.

  2. HI Mike! Thanks, that is one of big issues that I try to avoid..I don't like giving things away...and yes I am one that definitely judges books by their cover, but I usually read the synopsis to get a better feel of what the book is about. However most of the time the cover draws me in first!



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