Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Septavalent Stone by J.O. Jones

J.O. Jones had contacted me to review this book.  It was quite different from some of the other books I have read, and wasn't a disappointment.  The story is unusual, and very interesting.  I love that it isn't your typical paranormal with vampires, werewolves, or fae.  You do have Elders and witches and the dead come to life.  While there was some paranormal stuff going on, it was a nice twist not to have the same type of characters involved.

The family issue was very awkward, after all there wasn't much said about Mrs. Ugabi being a renowned witch.  And you were sort of in the middle of the story, however going through Andrew's point of view you were discovering information out as he was.  You also got info from other characters when they told the story, but most of it seemed to explain their issues, and didn't always clear things up.  However I do like how Andrew and Aloysia's relationship as it grew.  I never felt that Aloysia hated Andrew but there was some animosity going on, due to her past and it seemed more aimed at her father than anything else.

Overall I found it an enjoyable read and am giving it my Excellent Rating:


  1. I have this on my TBR&R'd soon list. It looks interesting for all the reasons you listed. It is not your typical paranormal story. That is what drew me to it. I will post more when I read it.. Nice review. I like reviews like yours because they are informative but not spoilers :)

  2. Thanks! I hate when people give out spoilers, but I still want to let people what I like and don't like..however sometimes it makes it hard to write reviews sometimes!

  3. I enjoyed your review and impressed with the book jacket. How did it come about that the author contacted you to write a review?

  4. Mike,

    He had found me through book blogs and emailed me a request.




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