Saturday, June 11, 2011

Witch and Wizard James Patterson

I have never read anything by James Patterson, because I haven't always been into very suspenseful books.  However this had caught my attention, since I have been enjoying some of the more adult like paranormal type stories.  So I gave it a go, and got it for my Nook.

 The plot is a more modern/futuristic witch hunt.  It also has the feeling of how the Nazi's did to the Jews, which totally adds to the effect of the book.   After all being ripped away in the middle of the night and put in different types of jails just seems way to familiar and realistic!  The only sad part is that this is happening to children.  Yes adults are under scrutiny, but it is the children that are being arrested.  Very intriguing and very realistic, all creates a great story line.

Even though the government is chasing adults we are shown more from the perspective of Whit and Whisty, both of whom are teenagers!  Both Whit and Whisty's view point is similar...although Whisty has a bit more of a punkish attitude while Whit is more of the athlete/popular guy. Gives a bit more depth to the story from both their view, and there was no confusing which one as each chapter was labelled with who was narrating.  They also didn't jump from one area to another with their narration, one just picked up where the other left off.

This was a great read and while I could probably say more I fear of giving things away!  So I give this book my Excellent rating!

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  1. Nice review, Heather. Looks like Patterson has written another winner. Did you know he's one of the top selling authors in the world?

    PS Please stop over at my blog and say hi, I'm having a new giveaway and would love to see you enter it.



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