Saturday, July 23, 2011

As Darkness Falls Series Tim Kizer

Both of these are short stories with a serious punch.  I am not one to be big on the darker side of fiction...typically I like my fiction to be a bit lighter.  However both of these are very well written, and were not gory enough to cause me any issue.  I did enjoy reading them and was drawn into them quite easily.

Intoxication I loved seeing the demise of Leslie mentality.  She really had a major downslide as she figured out everything.  A total mystery until the very end.  It is told from Leslie's perspective and as you finally realized what is happening it was too late...element of surprise is always good.

Hitchhiker was quite interesting.  After all how often does 2 killers meet and not know it until later?  I think for me it was just looking at it from that perspective and trying to catch all that happened.  I did get a bit confused at one point as who was talking about who...but overall very intriguing story.

Overall I give this my Pretty Good rating...I did enjoy the books but it was just a bit to dark for me.

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  1. Enjoyed your honest review. Nice going.

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