Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of Mae Angela Smith

Another darker than normal novella for me.  It was a short and fast paced and  honestly that didn't harm it in any way.  I wasn't familiar with the Jersey Devil lore, but Smith added some info about it at the end for a reference.  This is definitely not a light hearted paranormal book in the least.  I am not big on the torture aspects of it, however I think the story would have been lacking without it.  Since it seems to be needed for the ending to really take place.

I found that I could feel for Mae and the struggles that she faced.  After all in some of the situations who wouldn't be terrified?   Also she does try to put on a brave front, and even at the end of the book she does begin to argue with her savior(in several ways I suppose)  ...which to me was an ironic twist.  

The books is told through different points of views.  I didn't find it too confusing, and honestly think that it added to the plot quite nicely.  

I did enjoy reading the book, even if it isn't my normal I give it my Pretty Good rating:

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