Saturday, July 16, 2011

Magical Shades of Blue W.D. Tuck

W.D. Tuck had approached me on reviewing his children's book.  I had read the blurb and was excited about it.  The lessons in the story line are valuable to not only children but adults.  As I read I not only seen lessons about taking care of the environment and what destruction humans do, but also lessons in friendship, poaching, and compassion for others. They were subtle hints but stood out to me, and only added to the story. 

I am a big kid at heart, and this appealed to that side of me.  The storytelling held my attention, even at an older age.  The world that W.D. has created is great, and for children isn't fun to learn from something other than adults?  He had animals that talked and related their stories about how humans have changed their world.  Also the Wave Warriors were a nice touch, especially since I hadn't encountered anything like it in my reading.

I enjoyed the character developments as well...not all of the characters are exactly what they appear to be and as you see how they get from being this way to being something else.  There are a few characters that do not change but they still play their roles exactly as they are expected to.

Overall I love this book for children and feel that adults will get enjoyment out of it too, so I give it my LOVE IT rating!

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