Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jen Wylie

I would like to Thank Jen Wylie for stopping by and doing an interview...before we get to it, here is a bit about her:
Jennifer Wylie was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold.  Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales.

Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories. Sweet light is her debut novel published in 2011 by Echelon Press.

Jennifer resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her two boys, Australian shepherd a flock of birds and a disagreeable amount of wildlife.

Now on to our interview!

Where did the inspiration  for Sweet Light  come from?
The story wasn't based on anything in specific really. Things just tend to pop into my head. I suppose a lot of it came from me being such a romantic at heart. I also can't stand stories where everything goes right for the characters-so I like to throw in a number of obstacles. One of my favorite things to do is add in twists the reader never sees coming. So far I've heard a lot of positive comments on the twists in Sweet Light and I hope new readers will find the story to be a great read as well! 
What challenges did you come across when writing the book? The writing of the book was pretty easy- it was the finding of a publisher and then all the edits which followed that were a bit challenging. :) 

What was your favorite  part(s) to write? 
My original draft didn't have Dric in it (gasp!) He came to me in a dream and demanded to be writing him was a lot of fun. He's one of my favorite characters! 

What is next up for you? 
The sequel has been written and is a first draft right now, so next is to get it into shape so everyone can find out what happens next! I've also a number of short story projects on the go and hope to have more of them out soon too. 
Your Favorites: 


 -I've a million favorites- anything that makes me feel.

 Jack Sparrow


How can people contact you? 
My website:
twitter: @jen_wylie

Any final thoughts you would like to share?
Thanks to everyone for their continued support! I love to hear from readers and am always happy to stop by websites or blogs. Happy reading! 

Thanks so much Jen for the interview and for allowing me to read your book it is a great read!  If anyone is interested in buying her book you can find it here:

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