Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dragon's Pupils - The Sword Guest Martin Chushui

Martin Chushui had asked me to read and review his book, and based on the synopsis I was interested because once again the plot is different from other books that I had been reading.  This is a young adult book, which I usually enjoy reading...and this book is one that I enjoyed.

The book is fast paced and based around not only Liz but her brother and a friend.  Towards the middle we get more from Liz than the other two.  However Liz learns more during that time when we are focused on her only.  Liz isn't interested in her Chinese heritage, although once she finds herself in a position to help the world she realizes that her father's cryptic tales where worth listening to all along. 

The plot is very fast paced and doesn't allow the reader to get bored.  Also the added mixture of the Chinese culture makes for a very interesting read.  It also has the lesson of environmental responsibility.  As there is an environmental protest a few times throughout the book.   So it isn't totally an escapism book.

Overall this was a good read and was very enjoyable I give it my Excellent Rating:


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