Sunday, February 5, 2012

Special for Sundays! (1st Sunday of February)

Heather's Opinion on All Things Book Related

Special for Sundays is an original feature, created by Heather of ‘Heather's Opinion on All Things Book Related’ and Ems of ‘In which Ems Reviews Books’.  We’ll rotate each week through various subjects, as follows:

1st Sunday: One of your Favorite Books and why is it so special to you

2nd Sunday: Two books that everyone must read and why

3rd Sunday: One of your Favorite Authors and why you pick their books up again and again

4th Sunday: A book on your TBR list, why you picked it, and when do you hope to read it

5th Sunday (on the rare occassions): Random book we have read and a quickie review. 

We hope you’ll join us for this fun feature!

Welcome!!!  Ok this one is difficult because I could go on about last week's Special for Sunday...but I won't over-do it right now :-p  So I am picking:

Gregory MaGuire's Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wikced Witch of the West.

This was a book that I had picked up to read, I had heard good things about it.  I will say some like it and some don't.  However I totally enjoyed it.  It totally took the original Wizard of Oz and turned it upside down!  After all do you really think you could feel sorry for the Wicked Witch?  I was surprised by how interesting the series became with how all the character's were not exactly how I had figured out they would be.  As we follow the Wicked Witch from birth to death, you can certainly see how the events turned her "wicked".  It also shows that there is always more to a story than just one side.

I know not everyone likes this book, but I love the twist on the original so it makes it a definite favorite of mine.

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  1. I like the idea that you're giving your followers something to think about and exercise their writing.
    My favorite book is "Lonesome Dove" by McMurtry.
    I so enjoy his descriptions of the West and the last big cattle drive through Indian territory. His characters will last forever in my mind.



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