Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!!!

Yep I am doing 2 posts today!  I wanted to wish everyone a Happy April Fool's day but I am not handing out any jokes today.  I do have a book that I had enjoyed that I wanted to share with you, which sort of deal's with today, after all what better way to celebrate than to use a Fool?  So I thought The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory would be a good share.  I had enjoyed this previously and honestly it is in need of a re-read.

The Queen's FoolFrom and blurb) It is winter, 1553. Pursued by the Inquisition, Hannah Green, a fourteen-year-old Jewish girl, is forced to flee Spain with her father. But Hannah is no ordinary refugee. Her gift of "Sight," the ability to foresee the future, is priceless in the troubled times of the Tudor court. Hannah is adopted by the glamorous Robert Dudley, the charismatic son of King Edward's protector, who brings her to court as a "holy fool" for Queen Mary and, ultimately, Queen Elizabeth. Hired as a fool but working as a spy; promised in wedlock but in love with her master; endangered by the laws against heresy, treason, and witchcraft, Hannah must choose between the safe life of a commoner and the dangerous intrigues of the royal family that are inextricably bound up in her own yearnings and desires. 

Teeming with vibrant period detail and peopled by characters seamlessly woven into the sweeping tapestry of history, The Queen's Fool is another rich and emotionally resonant gem from this wonderful storyteller.

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