Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cambridge List by Robert Clear

Robert Clear had contacted me to read and review The Cambridge List.  I had read an excerpt and it caught my attention.  I enjoyed studying the Greek gods in school, and thought it would be interesting to see a different spin on it.   The book is fast paced which makes sense due to the events taking place.

I liked the interaction between the Greek gods, it was definitely eventful.  After all powerful beings don't always get along, and to have Aphrodite and Hera battling for control over the council was quite captivating.   I was disappointed that Athena was shown as a doormat, she is the goddess of war after all.  Other gods make appearances, but nothing that makes a lasting impression besides Dionysos which is more of a pawn.

I must say that I went from one book that was self censoring to another that just lets the words fly.  It was a bit off putting, and was distracting from the story in my opinion.  Don't get me wrong, or judge me as a prude...I just felt that the language was a bit over the top.  

This book also has varying perspectives throughout.  Which I tend to enjoy, but at times I found it difficult to figure out who was talking.  At one point there was a change of perspectives in the middle of the paragraph.  It didn't happen a lot, but enough to again take away from the story line.

I did like the story line and did get some entertainment from it(I finished the book after all!).  However there is just enough that I can't decide where to put this one.

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