Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cemetery Street By John Zunski

I was approached by John Zunski to review his book.  I had agreed because the blurb had intrigued me.  I must say that the book was not a disappointment, it is very emotional towards the end.

I felt the book was more like a fictional memoir, which isn't bad but took me by surprise.  Due to that it had an emotional impact, meaning I did cry.   I thought the pace was pretty good, but at one point it did slow.  I do believe it was intentional as it hit a major  event in the story line as well as a turning point.  Afterwards  it did pick back up and move along pretty well.  There are several twists in the story, all of which help the story.

I liked several characters, although Shannie was the main focus.  Mainly because of James' love for her.  She is bold and spunky.  She does show vulnerability at times, and at others is very odd given certain circumstances.

James is the narrator and he had a lot of stuff happen to him.  His way of handle things varied, sometimes he was just wishful, angry, or even shut down.  I felt like the end he had more depth, but then again it was during a part when he focused on himself.   I am not used to the male perspective but for this book it was quite intriguing and effective.

The only issue I could take with the book is some of the sexual scenes.  At first it was alluded to, and didn't get very graphic.  Towards the end the scenes got a bit more graphic.  It didn't bother me a whole lot but I do know a few people that wouldn't be interested.

I enjoyed the book and was wondering how James would deal with the situations.   Overall it was a pretty good read.

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  1. Heather,

    Thank you for taking the time to review Cemetery Street. I'm honored by your comments.




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