Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: The Future of Book Blogging

So Today's topic is the Future of Book Blogging and I am going to offer a bit of advice for those that are in a similar situation as me.  I work full time, and have a small side job, plus family and friends.  So my reading and blogging time can be limited.  So here is a few things I have found to help me out.

1) Schedule!  I just recently found out about scheduling posts, so now as soon as I finish a book I review it.  I am able to remember things from the book easily and don't have to do as much I tend to rate books on how I feel when I finish it, so I know what I liked and don't liked about it without having to take notes(I am a horrible note taker!).  With the weekly meme's I have found a few that I can schedule ahead of time and not have to work on the day of, since I may be at work.

2) Don't forget the books on your TBR pile!  I love when author's ask me to review their books!  However I do get burned out, which makes it harder for me to write a review(just take a look towards the end of summer last year).  So I created a rule that will allow me to read a few books on my TBR mountain, in between those books that I have accepted to review.

3) Know your limits and accept them!  I have friends that are able to read faster and able to get several reviews out a week.  I am not able to do that, again my reading time is limited...but I can try to have a review up at least once a week.  Again scheduling helps me out a ton!!  Yes I am insanely jealous that I can't do more, but at the same time I am happy with what I can do!

I hope this helps you out, or at least gives you more of an appreciation of what you do with your blog!  I am always looking for ways to improve my site, so any tips you want to leave me will be greatly appreciated!


  1. I have one addition to this. Remember to read the things you really want to sometimes. Don't be so tied to your TBR pile that you start to hate reading!

    1. LOL only things I want to read is on my TBR mountain least close by. Usually when I pick a book that is my choice it is something I do want to read, so it isn't a have to read.

  2. Those are quite lovely bits of advice! I definitely need to take some of these to heart (though, I usually write bare bones of my reviews close to when I finish a book). It is easy to become angry at all those review books (I'm kind of feeling that way right now) and hard to balance life with blogging. In fact, I posted about balancing life with the blog yesterday. Keep on doing what you do and enjoy it!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I am still working on the balance, but these are things I am hoping will keep me from feeling like I am in school and having to read something. So I had to take a hiatus and start a book I wanted to read. I didn't get back to those I promised review until recently. Then I came up with my rotation to keep it more interesting for me. I also let the authors/publishers/publicist know up front how many books are in front of theirs. I haven't had any problems yet.



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