Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Internal Security by David Darracott

Internal Security is a thriller about a small-town reporter who finally gets a shot at the big-time story he’s always wanted. To him, it appears to be the scoop of a lifetime that might just save the nation from self-destruction—until he learns that reporting the truth might also cost him his life.

I was asked to read and review Internal Security.  I had accepted because the story line had caught my attention, and apparently I was in the mood for another thriller.  I was also able to read part of the beginning before I had accepted to read the book.  Since I had read the beginning recently, the beginning of it seemed to move really slow for me.  I do think if I hadn't read the beginning I would not have felt that way.  It did pick up and kept my interest pretty easily.  

It is told through several different points of view.  It was pretty easy to tell who was talking/thinking when, so it didn't get confusing at all.  I do think knowing certain aspects from others other than Tom helped to piece the story together as well.

The story line can be a bit disturbing as it does deal about torture.  There are a few points where it is detailed, but not in a way that I was having issues with it.  Also the ending of it is just jaw dropping, at least for me. 

I did get a bit tired of having nicknames for certain characters.  While "War Hawk" and a few other code names are great, I don't feel a good connection unless there is a name.  That could have been Darracott's point as well.

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