Sunday, July 22, 2012

Updated Review Policy and a Few changes

This morning I had checked out In Which Ems Reviews Books(she is my blogging mentor and a good friend of mine) as she had a new post about her review policy .  She links Evie and Amanda(click on their names to see the posts mentioned) as to what had prompted her changes.  Well after seeing their posts and seeing bullying, stalking, and threats being made to reviewers I have decided to update my review policy to make sure aspects were clear, and to make a few changes.

First off I have decided that any request(as I do not actively seek out books to review) will be sent my review policy.

Second off I have limited requests to ebooks only as my email for this site is needed.  I no longer feel comfortable giving out my address to have a hard copy of a book. Which leads me into the next change: any giveaways I conduct will be for ebooks only.  Since I am no longer comfortable giving out my address I can not expect anyone else to give theirs out.  I know this will affect the turnout of the giveaways but I feel that it is the best choice for the time being.  I know I have one more giveaway that does include a paperback giveaway coming soon, but after that it will only be ebooks.

With Indie or Self published authors I will still take each request on a case by case basis.  Since I do have my Nook, I feel comfortable with using only ebooks instead of not taking any requests from them.

You can see a complete copy of my review policy HERE.


  1. It's kind of sad that the crazies make it bad for all the self-pubbed authors. After all the recent drama, it's just safer to not have my real contact info in the hands of someone I've never worked with. And because I don't have a reliable e-reader, I'm just going 100% no self-pubs. Sad, but necessary. Too bad when one bad apple spoils the entire bushel.

    1. Yeah it totally sucks that we feel the need to do things like this over a few people!



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