Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work In Progress by Brad Cotton

I was asked to read and review Work in Progress.  The blurb caught my attention and unlike other books lately I couldn't find anymore about the book.  So I took a leap of faith and decided to read it.  I did enjoy it, and it was a quick read.

It was interesting to me to read from the point of view of the main character since he was depressed.  He joins a group therapy session to begin a new life.  These meetings allows him to meet the author, musician, artist, and nurse.  I also felt that the meetings had also given him the strength to deal with other issues that came up later in the book.

I did like most of the characters as they were quirky, and had different issues of their own.  However I did not like Carrah, the ex-girlfriend, which is due to a personal issue.  I didn't like her treatment of Danny since it resemble a past relationship of mine.  Otherwise she might have been ok, although I still don't think I would have thought the world of her.

Overall I did enjoy reading the book and I give it my Pretty Good Rating:

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