Monday, December 10, 2012

Angel Dance by M.D. Grayson

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From Amazon:   Gina Fiore - beautiful Seattle heiress has vanished.
A foreign drug cartel and a Chicago organized crime family are looking.

Can Danny Logan rescue her before the noose closes?

I was approached by M.D. Grayson to read and review his book.  I took interest in it because I had started to enjoy the mystery genre.  I wasn't disappointed in the least!

I loved the old fashion detective undertones, while the story was in modern times.  The story was fast paced, and had lots of twists that I didn't see what was coming...even the ending was a bit unpredictable!  Since I am just beginning to venture into the genre and I may not have picked up all the clues.  Also there is a bit of a romance plot but it is minor and sort of sneaks up on you!

I also liked that it was told through one perspective, Danny Logan's, so nothing was revealed too early, and kept you thinking about what was going on.  Danny is a great character.  He is a 30 year old, that has been in the military and is now a PI. I enjoyed his sarcasm, which was humorous.  He is also a caring person, but isn't a wuss by any means!!  

The story line is very involved and kept me spellbound! Definitely a good read!

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