Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello again!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic new year so far, hard to believe the 3rd week is starting!

So I took a bit of a blogging break, not on purpose...just sort of ran out of book stuff to blog about.  My reading time has been very limited so my I haven't had much to for the author's that I have a list for please do not be discouraged I am working on it I promise!  In fact a new review will be up this coming week!  Stay tuned for that!

As I flaked out on Special for Sunday's and my dear friend Em had taken a new spin on it which totally works for her!( I totally suggest you all check it out starting with THIS ONE which is the first of the revamped Special for Sunday's).  Her feature's are and will be great!

So I still reading, blogging reviews, and thinking of ways to get me to blog more often.

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