Monday, February 11, 2013

Awakened Promo

So to help Celebrate Awakened coming out on Thursday here is an excerpt courtesy of Inger Iversen!

Writing Awakened was a bit harder that the first book Few Are Angels, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is an excerpt from the second novel and a link to read the first few chapters of Few Are Angels, the first book in the series.
There are no spoilers in this excerpt. Enjoy!

I wasn’t sure how long the run would be. I hadn’t gone outside any further than the enclosed patio, but I was sure that the island was large enough that we would have to stop and catch our breaths sooner or later. Ana was behind us and would hopefully serve as the first line of defense against any Chorý that had followed us into the woods. I glanced back at her in time to see the two Chorý enter the woods, headed straight for us. I wasn’t worried about myself, because if we got caught, I would at least be safe for a while, but Ana would be punished and Alex most likely killed. Ana caught the look of dread in my eyes and screamed for Alex and I to continue forward. Alex glanced back and cursed.
“Ella,” he gasped between breaths as pulled me forward faster. “It’s a long way back to the dock where we ported, but it’s a straight shot from here.” Alex’s feet seemed to move faster as he spoke, and though he easily dodged trees and shrubbery, I struggled to keep upright.
“Okay,” I huffed. My calves were on fire, and I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to run much longer. The faith that I’d earlier had in myself started to dwindle when I tripped over a large root. “There are two men back there—”
Ana was between the two Chorý, her fist deeply embedded in the face of one, and her knee made a swift but hard connection with the other’s shin. As the second fell and rolled to the side, the first Chorý quickly recovered from the bone-smashing fist to the face and backhanded Ana. Alex and I soon passed a row of trees that blocked the Chorý and Ana from sight.
“When we get on the boat, go. No turning back, no waiting for anyone—“
“Wait, whoa!” I choked out. Speaking was soon to be impossible, and my chest was seconds from exploding into a fireball of pain. I couldn't get enough oxygen in my lungs, and my knees were about to lock up on me. All of that aside, nothing hurt worse that realizing that if we got to the boat before Kale did, we would have to leave him on the island.
As I came to a halt, my brain protested. It was still in survival mode, but I wasn’t leaving Kale or Ana on the island.
Alex skidded to halt a few steps ahead of me. “Don’t do this, Ella. It’s what we all agreed to—your safety first,” Alex pled breathlessly. I almost went with him as he held out his hand and inched towards the freedom I’d dreamt about since I’d been held on the island.
“You should have known that I wouldn’t leave him here, Alex!” I could still hear Ana and the two Chorý fighting, though I couldn’t see them, but I couldn't help myself. “You had to know that, Alex, and I can’t believe you weren’t going to tell me sooner.” I turned around to head back, but a painful grip on my arm stopped me dead in my tracks.
Alex was breathing hard, his faced twisted in anger.
“I refuse to let you go back,” Alex said, and my eyes widened. “I will go back, if it means you get on that boat.” He yanked me forward, and I was too shocked to pull away at first. He pulled me over a few roots and tightened his grip as I almost tumbled to the ground. Seeing Alex this angry was shocking, but I couldn't leave Kale—I wouldn’t.
“Alex,” I gasped as I tried to pull away from him. “Maybe I can help. There has to be something I can do!”
“Don’t be stupid!” Alex pulled me so hard that I screamed out in pain.
“No, by all means be stupid and come back with me.”
We both turned to see the large Chorý leaning against the tree. His beady eyes trained on Alex as Alex pulled out his dagger and rooted himself in front of me.
“Now, now, little human,” he drawled. “That is an awfully big knife ya got there. Why don’t you put it down so you don’t poke your eye out?” the Chorý taunted with an evil grin.
“Back. Off,” was Alex’s hard reply. I peeked over his shoulder for Ana; Alex nudged me back, pushing me against a tree. I knew he wanted me to run, but there was no way that I was leaving Alex alone with that Chorý.
“Hmm. Now, son, let me do you a favor.” The Chorý slowly moved away from the tree and stood up straight. His leaning position had hid the fact that he was almost seven feet tall. Alex was not prepared for the Chory’s skills, either. “Instead of taking you back to my master, how about I sink my teeth into the thick vein on the side of your neck and end you painlessly?”
“What in the—” Alex balked. He turned to me for a second, with confusion and nervousness in his eyes. Alex had no clue what he was dealing with, and it was my fault. I should have told him before I was taken.
“Oh, please. Don’t tell me you don’t know a Chorý when you see one, boy. I know the Council has trained you better than that.” The Chorý stifled laughter.
“Dude, are trying to say that you’re a freaking vampire?” Alex asked in amazement. “Ella, you need to run now. This dude is not only immortal; he is insane.” He spat the last word with utter disgust.
I needed to warn him about that can of worms that he was about to open. “Alex—”
The Chorý glanced at me and growled. “Do not run, little girl.”
“Ella, I said—”
The Chorý flashed his very vampire canines.
I was shocked, too. Kale never extended his teeth, and though Ana and Darke both kept their teeth extended, they never bared them at me as a warning or anything else. I’d read in books and seen in movies how a vampire bite could feel good, but there was nothing that was going to convince me that having those long sharp teeth buried in the crook of my neck would ever feel like anything other than excruciating pain.
“What was that you said?”
“What the hell are you?” Alex asked. I moved away from the tree that I had been hugging and placed my arms around Alex’s waist. He placed his free hand on my arm and squeezed.
“Touching, but that proposition is still on the table. When Laurent gets you, he will show you no mercy. Me, on the other hand,” The Chorý pointed to his teeth. “I promise to make it feel good to the very last drop.”

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