Monday, July 29, 2013

The Many Lives of Lilith Lane by E.V. Anderson

From Amazon(image and blurb):

When Lilith Lane's little sister is snatched from her bedroom and turns up dead two weeks later, a reclusive scientist with secret motives offers Lilith a second chance to save the girl. Jumping between alternate realities as she races against space and time, Lilith gives up more and more of her innocence as she uncovers the dark forces at work in her idyllic farm town.

I was approached to review The Many Lives of Lilith Lane as the Plympton was rolling out Kindle's serial reads.  It was published in episodes and when the last episode came out it was also released in paperback.  I got an e-copy and read it straight through like any other book.  This is volume 1 with my hope of a volume 2.

This was another short read, I read it in 1 day.  The story was well paced and kept you guessing as to what happens next and who is the bad guy truly is.  I think if I read as it was originally intended as the episodes I would be very upset with cliff hangers all the time, but I do know the suspense of knowing what happens next would also help to add to the charm of this mystery!

Lilith did some detective work as a child(she even gives us her credentials!) but gave it up to be grown up.  When she is given the second chance she picks it back up to save her sister.  Jumping between realities gives her the unique opportunity to realize mistakes she has made and the choices she had/has are related to what happens around her.  She does grow in my opinion and tries to make amends for some of the bad choices she made.

If you are looking for a great Young Adult mystery/sci-fi then check it out!

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Look!

So I decided it was time for a change, and since I do love the beach and summer fun I thought it would be a good change up.  If you take a look around you will notice that my rating system has changed too.  It is now in flip flops, and each pair is used as a star would be.  So 5 pairs= 5 stars.  I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

Also keep checking back as there could be a few other changes coming!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Losses by Robert Wexelblatt

Blurb from request:

LOSSES by Robert Wexelblatt, a contemporary family drama novella

A single father who is a new IRS agent, his cherished and imaginative little girl, a divorced woman having second thoughts about motherhood, a couple who think two ways about becoming parents, a mysterious and crooked financial wizard — these are the people from whose relationships, enterprises, gains, and losses this story is woven.

Has there been a crime and, if so, can the miscreant be caught?  How valid are the claims of a father and a mother?  When they clash, what becomes of their child?

So when I was asked to review Losses, I read the blurb and was instantly intrigued on how all of it fit together.  So it is a short read, and it does move pretty quick.  The story line does leave a lot for discussion on how and what you feel too.  

So the story is told through the single father/IRS agent/ ex lawyer.  His point of view does leave you with only one side of the story, which in certain cases there is always two sides and the truth is somewhere in the middle.  However for the story I think it fits well.  Not knowing everything doesn't leave you much room to ponder over the various aspects of the story.  

I must say when I finished the book my reaction was:  "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!"   "How could they end it like that?!?!?!?!"  Yep read it to find out why!

Monday, July 1, 2013

E-learning 101: It's not as tough as it looks by Dr. Liz Hardy

From Amazon:
E-learning 101 is the friendliest online learning guide on the planet!

Unlike other online study guides, E-learning 101 makes solving e-learning problems fun. Smiling dogs appear on most pages, helping the online learner to smile, relax, and engage with simple and accessible e-learning strategies.
The book presents 6 short lessons. Each lesson defines a common e-learning problem, and then walks readers through a series of steps to solve it. Interactive worksheets are included with every lesson, empowering readers to fix their e-learning problems right then and there

This was a quick read, but it was interesting and can be a help to anyone thinking about taking online courses. It goes over the very basic stuff so you don't get bogged down with a lot of technical issues.  It is more about how to fit it into your life, some of the issues you may run into, and how to deal with those issues.  Hardy does say that you don't have to read straight through, that you can skip to the chapters you need(I did read it straight through).

Oh and let me tell you that this book doesn't just go for E-learning but for other areas of your life!  Need to find time to get stuff done?  Time management is covered!  Have deadlines?  There are helpful hints there too!  Procrastinate much?  Guess what that is covered too! So you could read it and just apply those tips to the areas that you need!(I know I plan on doing just that!)

Also as a how to/educational book it is quite different from others that I have read, such as manuals for my full time job.  Hardy adds a bit of humor and cute pictures here and there to keep your attention.  These are great for little "mental breaks" or even to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.


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