Monday, August 12, 2013

The Guardian's Keeper by T.R. Raven

From Amazon: 
Kidnapped by the handsome young vampire Nikoli, eighteen year old Claire discovers she holds the relic capable of resurrecting the most dangerous vampire in history. She should be repulsed by her kidnapper, but instead she's irresistibly drawn to him-and he to her as well. Claire wants to explore their feelings for each other but Nikoli resists, worried their romance will distract him from his part in the dangerous task at hand.
Together they must seek the help of the Gypsy Queen Renka in order to destroy the relic. Their lives are on the line as they travel across the globe in search of Renka and her Gypsies while safeguarding the relic from those who would use it to resurrect their Master. 
Claire and Nikoli must also struggle with a possessive unwanted suitor, surprising news about Claire's lineage, and a meddling ancient Greek Goddess-all while holding the fate of the world in their hands. They must destroy the relic- but at what cost to them both? Is the Gypsy Queen's prophecy about their love true?

T.R. Raven approached me to review The Guardian's Keeper.  I had accepted since I do enjoy a good urban fantasy/paranormal book.  This was a different spin on the traditional vampire stories by adding in the Greek Goddess Circe. 

The story line moved very well, no real down times to get bored with it.  Also this is not one I would recommend for Middle Graders unless they are very mature as there are some sexual contact.  It doesn't go in depth but it is known the deed was done.  The sexual innuendos and contact didn't bother me, but helped to show the intimacy that was formed between Nikoli and Claire.

Now even though the romance is between a vampire and a human, do not count Claire out.  She definitely has spunk to her.  She isn't one to let things just completely happen.  She does try to fight for herself and for her odd relationship with Nikoli.  However that being said she is a human dealing with vampires so she isn't always able to protect herself and Nikoli does have to save her several times.

This is a great start to a series and looking forward to reading the rest!

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