Monday, September 30, 2013

The Show by John A. Heldt

From Amazon(blurb and image):
Seattle, 1941. Grace Vandenberg, 21, is having a bad day. Minutes after Pearl Harbor is attacked, she learns that her boyfriend is a time traveler from 2000 who has abandoned her for a future he insists they cannot share. Determined to save their love, she follows him into the new century. But just when happiness is within her grasp, she accidentally enters a second time portal and exits in 1918. Distraught and heartbroken, Grace starts a new life in the age of Woodrow Wilson, silent movies, and the Spanish flu. She meets her parents as young, single adults and befriends a handsome, wounded Army captain just back from the war. In THE SHOW, the sequel to THE MINE, Grace finds love and friendship in the ashes of tragedy as she endures the trial of her life.

So since I have read The Mine, I knew I wanted to read The Show.  I enjoyed seeing Grace's point of view in finding Joel, and then during her visit to 1918.  When seeing her circumstances, it brings up a what would you do aspect.  Would you make the same choices she did, or would you do the complete opposite.  I am not sure where I stand, although I really could see me acting like she did.  My only thought is how does it affect the "future" and other events that had taken place.  However I found thinking about it too much can cause a headache :-p

The story line moved ok.  At some points it did move a little slow, plus I would think Grace would have a bit more difficulty adjusting to 2000 with all of the technology that we have compared to 1941.  It didn't hinder the plot though.

Overall I did enjoy The Show and if you read The Mine, you should continue the story!

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