Monday, January 23, 2017

It is hard to believe!!

Wow it is hard to believe that I have been away from this review site for over two years!  I did not intend to take a break from blogging but this past couple of years has been crazy and unfortunately the blogging was dropped.  Things from a computer dying to bad internet connections(which still continue now) and some real world complications.  However I am looking to come back to blogging about books that I have read as I have missed it quite a bit as I have been talking to my coworkers about different books lately.  While away I realized that I was constantly trying to keep up with other bloggers and lost sight of my vision and wants for the blog.  I still have a severe time restrictions so I know I will not be able to post regularly but I will post as I can.  Besides I do have some catching up on reviews that are long over due.  I am very sorry to those that have been waiting for reviews but they will be coming soon, and I will continue to read and update as I can. I look forward to getting back into the rhythm of blogging again, hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts 😊



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