For Reviews:

1) All reviews are of my own honest opinion of the book. I will post what I liked and dislike about it and why.  Therefore I DO NOT promise positive reviews. Although I choose books that interest me, and usually can find something I liked about a book which will be posted.

2) I am not a fan of erotica, BDSM, or LGTB and books with those as the main theme will be rejected. If there are a few scenes in the book that is fine and will be considered.

3) I can and will reject books at anytime, or DNF (did not finish) it. I will let you know if I can’t finish reading it. I may still post the DNF and explain why depending on how far I get into the book.

4) I will try to be timely with my reviews however this is my hobby. My reading time can be severely limited so if there is a time line I need to know up front. If there is a specific date I will let you know if I can have the review done by then or not.

5) I am accept hard copies and ebooks.  My preferred format for ebooks is for the Nook, but I can also take the Kindle format.

6) The review will be posted on this blog, which is also linked to my facebook page and twitter account. I can post to Goodreads and any other site that is requested.

7) I am willing to have the author guest post and do giveaways for those books that I have enjoyed and feel others will enjoy as well.

If you think you have a book I am interested in, please email me at hpreviewsbooks(at)gmail(dot)com


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